My first blog attempt

I started  this blog in 2015 and I am now just getting back to it.  I guess thats as much of a statement about me I can give.   I am a procrastinator,  which if you have ever met me you will know.  As I have gotten older,  I have found yet another wonderful trait I possess.  Yes the trait I have blamed on my husbands side of the family.  But as you can guess, I am eaten up with it!  I can’t do anything anymore but one thing at a time.  My entire life as a medical secretary made me capable of attending to 10 different things at the same time, without missing a beat.  Now I can’t cook peas without burning them! Getting older certainly has its affect on your humor.  Things we thought as kids like thinking your grandparents had dementia is now foremost on my mind, or the lack of it.  My kids tell me that I don’t have dementia and yet remembering their names somedays is a challenge!

Anyway, I run on.  Yes that is a major trait/flaw I have.  You must embrace it.  You will see it over and over again.  And,  when I attended school I always had the correct grammar and spelling.  I find it so easy to find misspellings or grammatically incorrect sentences BUT,  do not point them out to me here.  I will throw in the towel on a project that is already shakey!  So….. I am going to give you very little background just to get acquainted. Here goes…  My name is Robin.  I grew up in Virginia for 52 of my 55 years.  My father, shortly after my birth was assigned to Hawaii, when he was a Chief Petty Officcer.  My oldest brother was eight I believe, next was my other brother 6 at the time.  Unfortunately our time there was short.  My father died in an accident on his ship.  He directed the planes onto the runway and the tip of the plane hit his jeep and he died instantly.  Needless to say it was awful on my family.  I have no memory of this since I was only 3.  My oldest brother remembers the most.  My mother was sad beyond comprehension and had her best friend at the time, Leona, come to Hawaii to help her pack our home and head back to Norfolk Virginia to move 3 houses down from where we originally lived.  My mother then made friends with her neighbors brother and for reasons I will never understand,  asked my mother of the children to marry him.  Then two years later would produce my youngest brother who died 5 years ago and that is a whole other sad story.  Anyway, thats my background.  And I am married and have two daughters, a son-in-law, and two granddaughters.  I love to debate issues on facebook or wherever in a non confrontational way.  I have begun to find all of these things that I love now that I wish I had gone to college for!!  Zoologist, counselor, physician, nurse, animal rehab,  etc……  Do you see where I am going with this?  Most of my life, people that have worked with me have always said I should write a book because of the craziness of my life and the way I tell stories!  So this is the most I will probably do to get my thoughts written down.  I’m hoping to start having interaction with me and get some good stories and debates going.  I am extremely talkative as you may already see and like to share life experiences.  If I don’t know anything about a certain subject, I will say so.   Oh and I am not proof reading these ramblings….


So…. here we go.

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